A Fanciful Interview with Escape the Clouds

83465845A little while ago we talked with Mark Rossmore, the multi-talented frontman of Escape the Clouds, who shared his fascinating views and experiences with steampunk and music.

Need an instrumentalist, singer, videographer, writer – or even pilot? Mark is your man! Yes, that’s him piloting the small plane and filming the video entirely himself in Escape the Clouds’ music video “Until the End.”

Like many steampunk music artists, Mark’s music loses the listener in storytelling, with a great deal of spoken word and instrumentals to spark the imagination. In his most recent album, Until the End, he collaborates with renowned steampunk performers Unwoman and Eli August.

Mark is also involved every year with Dragon*Con, and runs the popular site Steampunk-Music.com. This is a man who not only loves steampunk music but is doing a fantastic job giving it a wider voice and showing it off to the world.  (He’s also a Neil deGrasse Tyson fan!  Score!)  Give our interview with Mark a listen here:



For more information on Mark Rossmore and Escape the Clouds, visit his band website, find him on Facebook, or follow him on Twitter at @EscapeTheClouds.

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