We’re Alive! Behind the Steam Relaunches!

Hey all you beautiful listeners!

Surprise, Behind the Steam hasn’t dropped off the map – not by a long shot. The past few months have been full of many changes for us, and life got quite full for a while, with Alyssa’s wedding and Kristin finishing a manuscript.

1558569_10202557398154143_1387065829_nHowever, we are back for the new year and ready to get the gears moving again, for a bigger and more exciting Behind the Steam. We have lots of plans hidden up our sleeves, from album reviews to band interviews to just plain old steampunk geekery. And our most exciting recent development is the addition of a new gorgeous BtS babe, the amazingly wonderful Laura Oz-burn.

We sat down the other night for a fun and casual podcast to welcome Laura into our cozy and crazy little group. Hailing from the Bay Area like Alyssa, Laura is a ball of energy and one of the essential driving forces behind Clockwork Alchemy and many other steampunk events in the area. In our podcast, Laura tells us some fun tidbits about herself and adds some useful info such as her own techniques on how to give a good hug – always a plus with the super-friendly steampunk community – and even how to get a proper snuggle, if you feel so inclined.

So hop right over and enjoy our first podcast of year, and look forward to hearing a lot more from us in the upcoming months! As always, thank you so much for visiting Behind the Steam, whether you’ve been with us a while or if you’re new fans. Cheers, and here’s to a wonderful and exciting steampunk 2014!



Note from Alyssa:  Below are a few wedding pics including the wedding reception dress that Kory Doyle HAND MADE for me and my bridal headpiece and veil by Wicked Smileys (Sarah Lyons)!! (Photo credit: Nicole Marshall)

Shawn&Alyssa (2864 of 2883) Shawn&Alyssa (2865 of 2883)Shawn&Alyssa (440 of 2883)


And in case you’ve lost us, you can find us on Facebook and Twitter, or subscribe to us on iTunes.

We love you guys!!!


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