BtS Goes to Dragon Con!

antikytheramech-coverHey all you steampunks! No, we haven’t dropped off the face of the earth or gotten trapped in a time loop. As always, life, work, and tons of exciting developments are keeping the gals at BtS plenty busy! But we’re planning to stay on the map with events and projects that celebrate our love of steampunk and music!

So we hear there’s this little shindig going on called Dragon Con, and Alyssa is lucky enough to be there! (She’d better come back with pictures.) Along with the awesome lineup of big names in the geekery community, attendees should run into more than a few familiar faces from the steampunk world.

Among them is, of course, our old favorite Nathaniel Johnstone, who is set to perform with his band on Thursday the 28th. Someone special is rumored to also be making an appearance, so don’t miss it! If you can guess who, you get a cookie. A virtual cookie. Or a thumbs-up, or something.

More Squee-Inducing News

Achievement unlocked! Kristin finally got the great news she’s been hoping to hear for years! No, Jack Sparrow still doesn’t know she exists, but this is even more exciting. Cobalt, a young adult steampunk dark fantasy, is being published!! Kristin, who unashamedly has a passion for young adult and middle grade fiction, is now working on another dark fantasy about sea zombies and plotting Cobalt’s sequels. Check out her blog post about the memorable day she got her acceptance letter. Also, like her author page on Facebook, because now she has a page and stuff.

Lots of thanks, love, and kisses for visiting Behind the Steam! Don’t forget to subscribe to us on iTunes! Also find us on Facebook and Twitter.


Alyssa, Kristin, and Laura


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