Steampunk Music Summit — DragonCon 2013

Hi listeners and steampunky friends!

Alyssa takes over the blog again!

My apologies for the time between these podcasts.  I’m getting married in 3 WEEKS!  And so life is pretty hectic right now and the podcastery has been getting a little left in the dust.

So look for a much more regular Behind the Steam podcast schedule in October and thanks for sticking with us!

However, all this wedding planning didn’t stop me from traveling to Atlanta for my very first DragonCon!!  It was absolutely epic and I had an amazing time!  I have to thank Doc Q. for putting together a fantastic Alternate History track!!  I took my 15 year old cousin with me, a burgeoning little steampunk, and, while initially I think she was pretty skeptical and cynical about the whole thing, by the end she was totally into it!  We broke through teenage cynicism!!!  Well done D-con steampunks!  I also got to hang with friends I haven’t seen in years and make brand new ones!  I love con families!  Oh, and I got my picture with John Barrowman!  Whovians, you can be jealous now.  And I danced, oh how I danced!!  It was glorious my friends, and I cannot wait to go back next year!  (Yes Q, sign me up!)  In fact I’d like to put together a couple of BtS panels/events for next year…oh how the gears are turning….

photo (19)

What also made the con absolutely fabulous was seeing tons of friends there.  Abney Park, Professor Elemental, and Unwoman were all performing at various times throughout the con and just totally killing it!  Unwoman was the darling of the steampunks, keeping an entire floor of the con enraptured with her song.  Professor Elemental charmed us all and Abney Park were their rockin’ selves and had a massive ballroom jumping!  Jody Ellen joined me, my cousin, and friends for some late night wanderings where she ran into a Zoolander cosplay and almost knocked them over, she went running up to them so fast!

So why was I there at all?  Well, I had the distinct pleasure of co-hosting the Steampunk Music Summit with Emmett Davenport of the Clockwork Cabaret podcast.  Unwoman, Professor Elemental, Robert of Abney Park, and Mark Rossmore of and Escape the Clouds made up a stunning panel of musicians and creators.  Lots of good questions and great audience participation.  Emmett played Steampunk-Oprah, running all about the room and I tried to keep the panel more or less on track.  It was a really fun hour and I’m so excited to present it to all of y’all who weren’t able to attend.  I highly recommend for next year!  And then you can come give me a hug!  Yay!





As always, thank you so much for listening!

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~ Alyssa


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