Music! Musicians! Opinions! Clockwork Alchemy 2013!

Hello lovely steampunks!

We forgot to make a big deal about it, but Behind the Steam is over 1 year old!  Whee!

To celebrate, we bring you a double whammy of podcasts!

This year Clockwork Alchemy hosted two steampunk music panels!

The first one features a spirited discussion about the state of steampunk music between Unwoman, Nathaniel Johnstone, Lee Presson, and Poplock Holmes.  Controversial comments, debate, jokes, slips of tongue, this panel had it all!

all bands



And then Steam Powered Giraffe was kind enough to sit down for an extended fan Q&A.  All questions asked were answered and much hilarity ensued! 🙂




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**A quick note: Behind the Steam may be moving to iTunes permanently as Alyssa is not made of gold and Soundcloud is expensive.  So if you want to stay connected to us through the transition, please subscribe to Behind the Steam on iTunes!  Also, Behind the Steam will be posting old podcasts (ones Alyssa has had to delete off of Soundcloud due to space restrictions) on iTunes in the near future.**

Thanks for listening!


Alyssa and Kristin


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Live! Steam Powered Giraffe at Fanime 2013!



Hi patient listeners to Behind the Steam!

So sorry for our long silence!  Life has been crazy for Alyssa and Kristin and has resulted in a huge backlog of podcasts we need to churn out!  Alyssa went to London, graduated, and ran the Special Events for Clockwork Alchemy 2013, which had kept her from getting the audio up.

That being said, Alyssa ran three music panels at Clockwork Alchemy, two featuring the con’s Guest of Honor: Steam Powered Giraffe!  Below is the recorded audio from the panel Alyssa hosted at Fanime Central.  The first part of the hour was spent talking to the robots while the second half, we met the creators behind the machines!



Or even better, find it on iTunes!

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As always, thanks for listening!

Alyssa and Kristin

tarnished watch

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More British! Metropolis from the UK

Since steampunk has such strong roots in the English Victorian era, it’s really no surprise that we’re interviewing quite a few British steampunk artists these days. It also helps that we’re total suckers for the accents. Few things quite catch the authentic steampunk vibe as a lovely refined accent. (Don’t ask to hear Kristin’s attempt to duplicate it.)

Today we bring you our interview with the steampunk prog-rock band Metropolis, from the UK. We were a bit bummed not to be able to see their outfits that they’d taken great care to polish up for our Skype session – the podcast recording would have suffered – but you can see some pictures of their look on their Facebook page. They’re very nice and polished indeed.


Metropolis’s take on steampunk music is an edgy sound with deep roots in 70s/80s punk and industrial. A little bit of Vernian Process, a little more of The Clash. For more on their sound, and all their thoughts and opinions on steampunk in England as well as the rest of the world, go ahead and listen to the podcast! 🙂

Disclaimer:  We had a few sound hiccups within the podcast recording but the content was too good not to share anyways!


We’d like to thank the lovely gents from Metropolis for their time talking with us. And thank you, our listeners, for visiting! Click below for more information on Metropolis’s music and events.

Myspace Music



As always, keep up with our latest podcasts and posts on Twitter as @BehindTheSteam, and on Facebook!

~ Alyssa and Kristin

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Album Review: Eli August – To the Weak and the Weary

We have another album review this week, from Eli August & the Abandoned Buildings. We were happy to listen to new music from Eli, who has played at such esteemed events as the Steampunk World’s Fair and the World Steam Expo. To the Weak and the Weary is a nice little bunch of songs that we can see steampunk and indie fans being happy to add to their playlists, just like we were.


Fitting into similar vocal and musical styles as Jason Webley and The Decemberists, yet with a definite sound all his own, Eli’s album uses a lovely blend of strings and woodwinds, a mixture of fast folksy beats and haunting slow melodies, and lyrics that touch deeply on the human spirit. As the album’s title suggests, To the Weak and the Weary uplifts and understands, without being manipulative.

This is an album to reflectively listen to on a lonely car drive, while writing or journaling, or anytime you need to hit life’s pause button.

For our full album review, plus some song snippets, click below for our iTunes channel:


Or below to listen to from our site:


You can find music, tour info, and even Eli’s own charming line of soaps and unique grooming products at his website.

Or you can Facebook or Twitter the guy, we’re sure he won’t mind.

Thanks so much for stopping by Behind The Steam!  Keep up with our latest podcasts and posts on Twitter as @BehindTheSteam, and on Facebook!

~ Alyssa and Kristin

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Doc Q and a Fantabulous Kickstarter

4162960Hello again, fellow steampunks and music fans! Behind the Steam has another “first” podcast, this time our first interview with an infamous steampunk DJ who – well, we can safely say he does a lot of stuff.

Okay, we’ll be more specific: Doctor Q is the co-founder of the Artifice Club, Dragon*Con’s director of the Alternate History Fan Track, and the media director of the Steampunk Chronicle, in addition to writing articles, DJ’ing shows, and pretty much being involved in a huge variety of steampunk projects. (We’re convinced he has a time machine.)

Right now, Doctor Q’s nefarious plans include an ambitious Kickstarter project with the Artifice Club that’s already well off the ground, but could use some additional donations for even more unbelievable goodies! Steampunks have until April 6th to help dreams become a reality.

Here’s more about the Artifice Club’s goal to become a non-profit, and their other plans in the works to help steampunk grow and become ever more awesome:

Click below to subscribe to our iTunes feed and download our podcast interview with Doctor Q:


Yes, that’s right! BtS is now on iTunes. Yay! We’ve been online for almost a year, and we’re so grateful to our listeners and all the amazing artists, musicians, and fans who have helped us carve our own little niche in the steampunk world. You guys rock!

Or you can listen to the podcast right here as usual!


As always, thank you for visiting Behind the Steam! We have all the links for Doctor Q’s projects and his Kickstarter below. Keep checking back with us, as we have more interviews lined up – and some great upcoming spring and summer shows that Behind the Steam will be a part of!

Click here for the Artifice Club’s Kickstarter

Official website of The Artifice Club

Doctor Q on Facebook and Twitter

Behind the Steam’s Facebook and Twitter

~ Alyssa and Kristin

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The Lazarus Machine: A Steampunk webseries with bite!

Lazarus machine pic2

We’re excited to start branching out and post our first podcast that isn’t strictly related to steampunk music. The other day we spoke with another group of English artists – this time three filmmakers who are working on an exciting webseries project called The Lazarus Machine. Steve Turnbull and “the Chrises” (Chris Payne and Chris Gunn), the writer/producer, director, and music director/composer respectively, sat down with us as the men behind the machine to talk with us about their project.

Throughout our interview, we could hear the passion these men have for their craft. We can appreciate the years of painstaking work Steve has put into his script, and his deep desire to see it realized on screen. The Lazarus Machine promises to be a dark and intriguing steampunk adventure. But, as they say, they want to do it right with proper green screen CGI, an original score, and notable actors – including Timothy West and Sophie Aldred (Doctor Who fans will recognize her as the former Doctor’s companion Ace).

Lazarus machine pic

Plus, the soundtrack includes songs from some of the most well-loved music artists in the steampunk world, such as The Cog is Dead, Professor Elemental, The Men That Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing, and The Tiger Lillies. And Vernian Process, Unwoman, and Sunday Driver have all volunteered original tracks!

The guys are hosting a Kickstarter campaign to allow the project to become a reality, which includes some pretty awesome contributor perks. The Kickstarter closes on March 7, but we have faith in the steampunk community that everyone can rally together and help bring The Lazarus Machine to life. One of the beautiful things about steampunk is its friendliness to indie artists. This is an exciting time for independent filmmakers, musicians, and authors of all genres, but many of us do need fan support now and then to fund some great projects.

Here are a few fun highlights from our interview:

  • Steve getting adorably flustered when we compared him to Joss Whedon
  • A Doctor Who tangent, including Kristin getting called out for not being a true fan because she hasn’t seen the Christmas special yet! (shame)
  • Why nobody should ever, ever scrape their fingernails down a blackboard near Steve

As always, thank you for visiting Behind the Steam! Click below for our full interview with Steve, Chris, and Chris, and then head over to the Kickstarter page to help them make something awesome!

Click here for the Kickstarter for The Lazarus Project

Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter, and keep checking in!

~ Alyssa and Kristin

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Mr. B: The Gentleman Rhymer. Is the Moustache Real? Listen and Find Out!

mrb1Admit it: Even if hip-hop wasn’t your thing, if the dapper fellow in tweed on the left came up to you on the street and said, “I say, good fellow, would you care to hold my banjolele whilst I enjoy a spot of tea? Now be a dear and accompany me to the nearest opera house for some truly entertaining chap-hop!”* – Well, you’d be intrigued at the least. And if you were smart, you’d do what he suggested.

Because this lovable old chap is none other than one of Britain’s iconic chap-hop maestros – Mr. B, The Gentleman Rhymer. And yes, his banjolele is epic.

For a delightful hour, Mr. B entertained us with his quick English wit and honored us with even more insights into this fun, unique genre of English steampunk music.

Our interview was so wild and hilarious it can only be summed up by a few tantalizing highlights. If you skip the podcast, you’re totally missing out.

  • Kristin got in trouble for being on Facebook at the same time as the interview (but she was really just PMing her mom not to call her because she was Skyping with someone in England. Really!)
  • One difference between American rap and English rap: “Drive-by gloving”
  • Alyssa’s favorite: Obscene British hand gestures!
  • Mr. B’s improv-ed superhero anthem had Kristin in tears…
  • And just where did the banjolele come from anyway?

* Kristin apologizes for the terrible British. She just finds it entirely too much fun! (And she spoke in an English accent the rest of the day after the interview.)

Now enjoy some Mr. B before enjoying the podcast:

As always, thank you for visiting Behind the Steam! Click below for our full interview with The Gentleman Rhymer:

Find out more about Mr. B here:




And here are our Facebook and Twitter links. We have lots more fun in the works, so do keep checking in.

~ Alyssa and Kristin

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