One night in London…with Sunday Driver!

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So today I (Alyssa) am going rogue and taking over the blog!

I recently went to London for a trip and while I was there, I had the great fortune of being able to see Sunday Driver play in Camden!!  Now, I’ve been listening to and loving Sunday Driver’s music for years so I was beyond excited when they agreed to an quick backstage interview!  Chandy, Kat, and Chemise, the most talkative of the members we wrangled, were just delightful, hilarious, and exquisitely off-color.  It was a quick chat as they needed to get ready and eat something before wowing the crowd.  For some reason the last 30s or so  got cut off but you missed nothing I swear! 😀

**PG-13 warning!**


It was a small intimate show, but I must say, Sunday Driver does not disappoint.  They are an incredibly talented band and just really awesome people in general.  I’m including a clip from their show taken on my iPhone.  So if the quality sucks, that’s my fault, because they were magnificent!


I highly recommend you head over to the Sunday Driver website to get their music, or find them on Facebook and Twitter.

Oh, and you can find Kristin and I on Facebook and Twitter too!

As always, we hope you enjoy listening to our podcasts here.  To take us on the go as a download, find us in the podcast section of iTunes by searching Behind the Steam!  Or click here to Subscribe!


~ Alyssa


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