What a Doll! An Interview With The Clockwork Dolls

Neo Vintage…what a lovely alternate description for steampunk! And that’s exactly the description The Clockwork Dolls use on their Twitter page. Most of us know the Dolls as the lovely trio of ladies from Baltimore – Allison, Colette, and Trinket – with their guitar maestro Christopher, and also none other than Vernian Process’s own Martin Irigoyen pitching in with the mastering and other occasional work. 😉


Now with their second album When Banners Fall, heavily inspired by the music and culture of the WWII era, some fans are saying they’ve taken a definite dieselpunk turn. This seems to be a recurring question among the steampunk community lately: Are steampunk and dieselpunk interchangeable? Can you consider a band steampunk with one album, and dieselpunk the next? And is Kristin writing posts again after staying up much too late, and starting to not make any sense?

Well, since we love all things vintage from the Victorian age to the decades beyond, we’ll leave those questions to the ones who love debating them and just enjoy the music! And now we leave you to enjoy our interview – where, believe it or not, the question of dieselpunk actually does come up during the music discussion – as well as the usual fun and nonsense.

A teensy disclaimer: The dainty, delicate Dolls also have a bit of a raucous and naughty streak, so this interview is PG-13, but still very much fun!

TheClockworkDolls_WhenBannersFallNow all the links for The Clockwork Dolls’s online goodies:

Official website

Facebook page


Bandcamp site

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~ Alyssa and Kristin


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