Music! Musicians! Opinions! Clockwork Alchemy 2013!

Hello lovely steampunks!

We forgot to make a big deal about it, but Behind the Steam is over 1 year old!  Whee!

To celebrate, we bring you a double whammy of podcasts!

This year Clockwork Alchemy hosted two steampunk music panels!

The first one features a spirited discussion about the state of steampunk music between Unwoman, Nathaniel Johnstone, Lee Presson, and Poplock Holmes.  Controversial comments, debate, jokes, slips of tongue, this panel had it all!

all bands



And then Steam Powered Giraffe was kind enough to sit down for an extended fan Q&A.  All questions asked were answered and much hilarity ensued! 🙂




As always, we hope you enjoy listening to our podcasts here and you can always find us on in the podcast section of iTunes by searching Behind the Steam!  Or click here to Subscribe!

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**A quick note: Behind the Steam may be moving to iTunes permanently as Alyssa is not made of gold and Soundcloud is expensive.  So if you want to stay connected to us through the transition, please subscribe to Behind the Steam on iTunes!  Also, Behind the Steam will be posting old podcasts (ones Alyssa has had to delete off of Soundcloud due to space restrictions) on iTunes in the near future.**

Thanks for listening!


Alyssa and Kristin


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