Live! Steam Powered Giraffe at Fanime 2013!



Hi patient listeners to Behind the Steam!

So sorry for our long silence!  Life has been crazy for Alyssa and Kristin and has resulted in a huge backlog of podcasts we need to churn out!  Alyssa went to London, graduated, and ran the Special Events for Clockwork Alchemy 2013, which had kept her from getting the audio up.

That being said, Alyssa ran three music panels at Clockwork Alchemy, two featuring the con’s Guest of Honor: Steam Powered Giraffe!  Below is the recorded audio from the panel Alyssa hosted at Fanime Central.  The first part of the hour was spent talking to the robots while the second half, we met the creators behind the machines!



Or even better, find it on iTunes!

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As always, thanks for listening!

Alyssa and Kristin

tarnished watch

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1 Response to Live! Steam Powered Giraffe at Fanime 2013!

  1. Amazing, delightful, and completely steamtastic! What a creative bunch of folks.

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