More British! Metropolis from the UK

Since steampunk has such strong roots in the English Victorian era, it’s really no surprise that we’re interviewing quite a few British steampunk artists these days. It also helps that we’re total suckers for the accents. Few things quite catch the authentic steampunk vibe as a lovely refined accent. (Don’t ask to hear Kristin’s attempt to duplicate it.)

Today we bring you our interview with the steampunk prog-rock band Metropolis, from the UK. We were a bit bummed not to be able to see their outfits that they’d taken great care to polish up for our Skype session – the podcast recording would have suffered – but you can see some pictures of their look on their Facebook page. They’re very nice and polished indeed.


Metropolis’s take on steampunk music is an edgy sound with deep roots in 70s/80s punk and industrial. A little bit of Vernian Process, a little more of The Clash. For more on their sound, and all their thoughts and opinions on steampunk in England as well as the rest of the world, go ahead and listen to the podcast! 🙂

Disclaimer:  We had a few sound hiccups within the podcast recording but the content was too good not to share anyways!


We’d like to thank the lovely gents from Metropolis for their time talking with us. And thank you, our listeners, for visiting! Click below for more information on Metropolis’s music and events.

Myspace Music



As always, keep up with our latest podcasts and posts on Twitter as @BehindTheSteam, and on Facebook!

~ Alyssa and Kristin

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