Album Review: Eli August – To the Weak and the Weary

We have another album review this week, from Eli August & the Abandoned Buildings. We were happy to listen to new music from Eli, who has played at such esteemed events as the Steampunk World’s Fair and the World Steam Expo. To the Weak and the Weary is a nice little bunch of songs that we can see steampunk and indie fans being happy to add to their playlists, just like we were.


Fitting into similar vocal and musical styles as Jason Webley and The Decemberists, yet with a definite sound all his own, Eli’s album uses a lovely blend of strings and woodwinds, a mixture of fast folksy beats and haunting slow melodies, and lyrics that touch deeply on the human spirit. As the album’s title suggests, To the Weak and the Weary uplifts and understands, without being manipulative.

This is an album to reflectively listen to on a lonely car drive, while writing or journaling, or anytime you need to hit life’s pause button.

For our full album review, plus some song snippets, click below for our iTunes channel:


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You can find music, tour info, and even Eli’s own charming line of soaps and unique grooming products at his website.

Or you can Facebook or Twitter the guy, we’re sure he won’t mind.

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~ Alyssa and Kristin

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