Doc Q and a Fantabulous Kickstarter

4162960Hello again, fellow steampunks and music fans! Behind the Steam has another “first” podcast, this time our first interview with an infamous steampunk DJ who – well, we can safely say he does a lot of stuff.

Okay, we’ll be more specific: Doctor Q is the co-founder of the Artifice Club, Dragon*Con’s director of the Alternate History Fan Track, and the media director of the Steampunk Chronicle, in addition to writing articles, DJ’ing shows, and pretty much being involved in a huge variety of steampunk projects. (We’re convinced he has a time machine.)

Right now, Doctor Q’s nefarious plans include an ambitious Kickstarter project with the Artifice Club that’s already well off the ground, but could use some additional donations for even more unbelievable goodies! Steampunks have until April 6th to help dreams become a reality.

Here’s more about the Artifice Club’s goal to become a non-profit, and their other plans in the works to help steampunk grow and become ever more awesome:

Click below to subscribe to our iTunes feed and download our podcast interview with Doctor Q:


Yes, that’s right! BtS is now on iTunes. Yay! We’ve been online for almost a year, and we’re so grateful to our listeners and all the amazing artists, musicians, and fans who have helped us carve our own little niche in the steampunk world. You guys rock!

Or you can listen to the podcast right here as usual!


As always, thank you for visiting Behind the Steam! We have all the links for Doctor Q’s projects and his Kickstarter below. Keep checking back with us, as we have more interviews lined up – and some great upcoming spring and summer shows that Behind the Steam will be a part of!

Click here for the Artifice Club’s Kickstarter

Official website of The Artifice Club

Doctor Q on Facebook and Twitter

Behind the Steam’s Facebook and Twitter

~ Alyssa and Kristin

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