The Lazarus Machine: A Steampunk webseries with bite!

Lazarus machine pic2

We’re excited to start branching out and post our first podcast that isn’t strictly related to steampunk music. The other day we spoke with another group of English artists – this time three filmmakers who are working on an exciting webseries project called The Lazarus Machine. Steve Turnbull and “the Chrises” (Chris Payne and Chris Gunn), the writer/producer, director, and music director/composer respectively, sat down with us as the men behind the machine to talk with us about their project.

Throughout our interview, we could hear the passion these men have for their craft. We can appreciate the years of painstaking work Steve has put into his script, and his deep desire to see it realized on screen. The Lazarus Machine promises to be a dark and intriguing steampunk adventure. But, as they say, they want to do it right with proper green screen CGI, an original score, and notable actors – including Timothy West and Sophie Aldred (Doctor Who fans will recognize her as the former Doctor’s companion Ace).

Lazarus machine pic

Plus, the soundtrack includes songs from some of the most well-loved music artists in the steampunk world, such as The Cog is Dead, Professor Elemental, The Men That Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing, and The Tiger Lillies. And Vernian Process, Unwoman, and Sunday Driver have all volunteered original tracks!

The guys are hosting a Kickstarter campaign to allow the project to become a reality, which includes some pretty awesome contributor perks. The Kickstarter closes on March 7, but we have faith in the steampunk community that everyone can rally together and help bring The Lazarus Machine to life. One of the beautiful things about steampunk is its friendliness to indie artists. This is an exciting time for independent filmmakers, musicians, and authors of all genres, but many of us do need fan support now and then to fund some great projects.

Here are a few fun highlights from our interview:

  • Steve getting adorably flustered when we compared him to Joss Whedon
  • A Doctor Who tangent, including Kristin getting called out for not being a true fan because she hasn’t seen the Christmas special yet! (shame)
  • Why nobody should ever, ever scrape their fingernails down a blackboard near Steve

As always, thank you for visiting Behind the Steam! Click below for our full interview with Steve, Chris, and Chris, and then head over to the Kickstarter page to help them make something awesome!

Click here for the Kickstarter for The Lazarus Project

Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter, and keep checking in!

~ Alyssa and Kristin

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