Mr. B: The Gentleman Rhymer. Is the Moustache Real? Listen and Find Out!

mrb1Admit it: Even if hip-hop wasn’t your thing, if the dapper fellow in tweed on the left came up to you on the street and said, “I say, good fellow, would you care to hold my banjolele whilst I enjoy a spot of tea? Now be a dear and accompany me to the nearest opera house for some truly entertaining chap-hop!”* – Well, you’d be intrigued at the least. And if you were smart, you’d do what he suggested.

Because this lovable old chap is none other than one of Britain’s iconic chap-hop maestros – Mr. B, The Gentleman Rhymer. And yes, his banjolele is epic.

For a delightful hour, Mr. B entertained us with his quick English wit and honored us with even more insights into this fun, unique genre of English steampunk music.

Our interview was so wild and hilarious it can only be summed up by a few tantalizing highlights. If you skip the podcast, you’re totally missing out.

  • Kristin got in trouble for being on Facebook at the same time as the interview (but she was really just PMing her mom not to call her because she was Skyping with someone in England. Really!)
  • One difference between American rap and English rap: “Drive-by gloving”
  • Alyssa’s favorite: Obscene British hand gestures!
  • Mr. B’s improv-ed superhero anthem had Kristin in tears…
  • And just where did the banjolele come from anyway?

* Kristin apologizes for the terrible British. She just finds it entirely too much fun! (And she spoke in an English accent the rest of the day after the interview.)

Now enjoy some Mr. B before enjoying the podcast:

As always, thank you for visiting Behind the Steam! Click below for our full interview with The Gentleman Rhymer:

Find out more about Mr. B here:




And here are our Facebook and Twitter links. We have lots more fun in the works, so do keep checking in.

~ Alyssa and Kristin

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1 Response to Mr. B: The Gentleman Rhymer. Is the Moustache Real? Listen and Find Out!

  1. This Chapper is mighty Dapper. I approve!!! ♥♥♥~ Dr Brassy

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