Album Review: Father of Invention by Professor Elemental

We’re almost certain everyone knows by now that the legendary Professor Elemental has a new album out: Father of Invention, which we’ve decided is equal parts brilliance and hilarity, with a healthy dash of lunacy on the side.


During the course of a manically huge steampunk tea party with all sorts of shenanigans and silly things to occupy one’s attention, the Professor serves up a perfectly crafted blend of witty chap-hop banter with swing and vaudeville elements, whilst getting into arguments with his primate butler Geoffery – or engaging him in an endearing dance number. And let’s not forget the epic rap battle between our dear P.E. and the fabulously-‘stached Mr. B!

Please do enjoy the first single from the album, “I’m British.”


If you haven’t already listened to this album, we highly recommend you put on your internet shopping trousers and throw some dough at Professor Elemental – because Father of Invention is worth every shilling. (Just don’t buy any ice cream from him!)

Have a listen to our podcast for the full review! And check out our hysterical interview with the Professor if you missed it the first time.


WEB-prof-elemental-im-british-380Professor Elemental’s goodies can be found at his website, on Twitter at @prof_elemental, and at his Bandcamp site.

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~ Alyssa and Kristin

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