Our Take on Steampunk Music’s Top 10

Happy New Year, lovelies! We were hoping to post a little closer to the holidays, but Alyssa ran off to have Hawaiian adventures, and Kristin is still learning the ropes with her new writing job and working far too many all-nighters. Well, we hope this podcast will be worth the wait.

Everyone loves Top 10 lists, right? We sure do! Especially when it’s a Top 10 Steampunk
Songs list. Now, we understand that not everyone will have the same opinions as we do, and we fully invite any additions or (polite) differences in opinion. Arguing over a cup of brown joy whilst twiddling our moustaches, and so forth. We do have our reasons for the picks we came up with – and believe it or not, we both even had different choices before we settled on what we think are currently the best songs to represent the steampunk genre – whether for their incorporation of differing styles and themes that complement the world of steamy sci-fi, or their iconic popularity with members of the scene.

We’re listing the songs below in all their YouTube glory, but if you’d like to hear our discussion on why we picked these particular artists and songs (as well as the usual amusing tangents, giggling, and rambling), you’re invited to listen to our full podcast.

So without further ado…our list of the top 10 songs we feel best represent steampunk music – with three honorable mentions first.

Honorable mention: The Dresden Dolls, Coin Operated Boy


Honorable mention: Katzenjammer, Lady Marlene


Honorable mention: The Clockwork Quartet, The Doctor’s Wife


Top Ten Steampunk Songs

#10: Firewater, Glitter Days


#9: Doctor Steel, Build the Robots


#8: The Cog is Dead, Death of the Cog


#7: Sunday Driver, Mechanical Angel


#6: Frenchy and the Punk, Steampunk Pixie


#5: Professional Elemental, Fighting Trousers


#4: Unwoman, The City


#3: Steam Powered Giraffe, Brass Goggles


#2: Vernian Process, Behold the Machine


And #1: Abney Park, Ancient World


Now, we know that there are many steampunk artists, and the group is always growing and changing. We’ve only touched the tip of the iceberg – which to music-lovers is a very exciting thing. Our list gives only a summary view of steampunk music, but it’s hoped that it will help introduce new fans to even more of the amazing and diverse music that can be classified as Steampunk – or which contain elements that are present in a lot of steampunk music.

Also, here is the link to the Steamstock II Kickstarter as promised!  Go make awesome steampunk music festivals happen!  Plus there is a train!

As usual, thank you for visiting Behind the Steam. Many good wishes to all of you for a happy and successful 2013!

Random trivia: Kristin’s daughter Lia kept cracking jokes in the background every time she heard her poor mom say something dorky. You may not be able to hear her on the podcast, but you might be able to tell whenever she’s flustered Kristin…

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~ Alyssa and Kristin

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9 Responses to Our Take on Steampunk Music’s Top 10

  1. snowy24 says:

    I really enjoyed this list! I have just recently been introduced to steampunk, and I find it fascinating! However, I had no idea there was this much music related to the genre. Thanks for posting this! 🙂

  2. I would reframe this as top 10 steampunk songs with an accompanying video shown on youtube. “Airship Pirates” is arguably a better track from AP, et al.

    • Hi Mikeal,

      Thanks for your feedback. We discuss our reasons for choosing each of our top 10 songs in our podcast, which you can find embedded in the blog post or on our facebook page. Cross fingers for getting on iTunes soon! Specifically, we talked about why we didn’t choose “Airship Pirates” as our top song. An AP song was definitely going to make the list but the band has done a lot since Lost Horizons and some of their newer tracks better fit the current state of the genre. (In our opinion. This is why it is “our take”!) Thanks for reading and listening and stay tuned for some really cool stuff coming up!


  3. jessika moonflower says:

    Check out The Synthetic Dream Foundation! I was surprised they weren’t included, but otherwise great list! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_pquK6zfH9g

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  5. Just saw this, very cool list. I’d have to agree about the Abney tune. My favs are Firewater, Frenchy and the Punk and Vernian Process. Will have to check out The Cog is Dead and Sunday Driver more too!
    Gonna go check out your interviews….

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