The Cog may be Dead, but their music is very alive!

One of the great aspects of steampunk is the endless supply of music that either fits partially or completely into the genre. We’re constantly discovering new bands and projects, or being introduced to old favorites by our friends. Before SteamStock, Kristin hadn’t known anything about Frenchy and the Punk, until Alyssa told her all about them. Now Kristin had the chance to return the favor, and introduce Alyssa to one of her all-time favorite steampunk bands, The Cog is Dead.

We were so excited to interview Captain John Sprocket of TCiD – Kristin’s enthusiasm was infectious, especially since she’d been hoping for this chance for a long time. And the very refined and polite Captain Sprocket didn’t disappoint.

The Cog is Dead is especially fun because their music style goes all over the place, while still keeping to a strong steampunk theme – from sea shanties, to reggae, to old western, to a tragic ballad about a doomed airship captain, each of their songs tell a deep, engaging story. They’re one of the many steampunk bands that can appeal to a broad range of music lovers of all ages and preferences – for instance, Kristin’s mom, a fan of UB40, can’t get enough of TCiD’s I Want Only You.

Captain Sprocket shared with us the exciting news of an upcoming new album, as well as tidbits on his personal style and how his band got into steampunk. Check out the video below for one of their new songs (which is always heavily played in Kristin’s Music For Steampunk Writing playlist):


As always, thank you for visiting Behind the Steam! Click below for our full interview with Captain Sprocket:



Love The Cog is Dead? Check them out here:




Here’s an extra goodie! Alyssa just received a great reason to celebrate. Oh no, this can only mean one thing: MOAR MAD SCIENCE! (While Alyssa’s occupied with said science, Kristin steals the lollipop…) Be sure and congratulate Alyssa on her awesome achievement.

photo 2

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~ Alyssa and Kristin

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1 Response to The Cog may be Dead, but their music is very alive!

  1. Robert says:

    Thank you for the interview wit Cog is Dead…enjoyed it immensely!

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