From a New York street corner: Frenchy and the Punk

Sometime just before SteamStock, Samantha and Scott from Frenchy and the Punk sat down on the curb of a busy New York street and talked to us about their new album Hey Hey Cabaret, their busy touring schedule, and of course, steampunk.

Not too much later, they rocked the house at SteamStock! Everyone from Behind the Steam, Swing Goth, and the Bay Area steampunk scene were glad to have this energetic duo on our side of the country, and we hope it’s not long before they come back.

During our interview with Samantha and Scott – with the pleasant and sometimes entertaining soundtrack of foot and automobile traffic in the background – they told us some amazing things about steampunks in Europe (did you know F&tP were the first American steampunk band to play in France?) and how their band has progressed throughout the years. Scott went off on a hilarious tangent about the type of costume he thought he should wear to SteamStock (and we think everyone was relieved that he didn’t go through with it!).

A little behind-the-scenes fun: Because our connection kept cutting out, Sam and Scott got out of their car to interview on the city sidewalk (we hope they weren’t driving during their first attempt!), and at one point, a friendly pit bull slobbered on Scott’s face as it walked past.

Click below for the full interview:



Kristin would like to make it known that she’s jealous of all Samantha’s gorgeous petticoats.

More Frenchy and the Punk stuff:




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~ Alyssa and Kristin

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