LIVE at Steamcon IV!!!!

Alyssa ventured north this past weekend to host a LIVE Behind the Steam podcast at Steamcon IV.  A major thanks to everyone who came to the panel!  You are now on the internets!

With unprecedented turnout, Alyssa attempted to moderate the panel, consisting of Nathaniel Johnstone, Tyler from Insomniac Folklore, and Jody Ellen flying solo.  Not so shockingly, it was Alyssa who inserted foot into mouth, but it let the whole room discover the definition of “poly-banderous”.

We learned about Nathaniel’s new project, Jody’s love of dress-up, and how Tyler became lead stomper, a prestigious position!  (And Alyssa is remembering why Kristin usually writes the articles… 🙂 )  A big thanks to Amber Clark of Stopped Motion Photography for the photos.



Jody and Nathaniel are about to go on the “Skyscrapers and Helicopters” west coast tour, debuting Jody’s first solo album!  You can find out more information at Jody’s website.  Alyssa will be DJing the San Francisco stop (Cafe du Nord, Nov. 18th) as djTeslaRose, and she would love to see all of the Bay Area steampunks!

Nathaniel Johnstone!  Facebook!  Twitter!

Jody Ellen!  Facebook!  Twitter!

Insomniac Folklore!  Facebook!  Twitter!

Thank you as always for stopping by! Be sure to follow us on Twitter at @BehindTheSteam. You can also like us on Facebook! We have plenty more interviews, reviews, and live events coming up!!


~ Alyssa and Kristin

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