Keep Your Ice Cream Away From This Man

One of Behind the Steam’s favorite questions to ask during interviews has given us the unexpected – and slightly disturbing – realization that a lot of steampunk musicians, if given free reign and unlimited powers and/or money, would be downright evil. Either that, or they’re all just completely nuts. Probably both.

At any rate, it’s a good idea to lock up your freezer if you ever have Carey Rayburn over to visit. Especially if it contains ice cream or you have a tendency to wear your gloomy emotions on your sleeve. This doesn’t make any sense? Well, if you listen to the podcast…it’ll make slightly more sense than what we’re achieving with this article. Just trust us.

Carey Rayburn, the frontman of electro swing band Good Co, is also known as the guy who plays the cool horns for Abney Park and Jody Ellen as well as other steampunk bands. And he rocked the house at SteamStock last weekend! He has a new electro swing album out appropriately titled “Electro Swing For The Masses.” This isn’t your grandpa’s swing music! Well…it kind of is. But with the fresh new spin, energetic brass, and kicking beats Carey adds to classic swing and jazz numbers, he’ll have a whole new generation of fans wanting to get their hands on anything associated with electro swing.



In our interview with Carey, he was careful to let us know which subjects he considered taboo, and then he promptly broke those taboos himself. >:) What were those terrible topics Carey thought he should keep his mouth shut about? In what ways does he think electro swing fits into steampunk music? And will our ice cream ever be safe again?

Tune in to our podcast below to see if Carey answers these questions!



Merch! Music! Pictures! And other stuff at Good Co’s website!

Or find Carey Rayburn on Facebook

And Twitter @goodcomusic!!!

Thank you as always for stopping by! Be sure to follow us on Twitter at @BehindTheSteam. You can also like us on Facebook! We have plenty more interviews, reviews, and evil plans up our sleeves in the weeks to come! (None involving ice cream, we promise.)


~ Alyssa and Kristin

 Post Show Notes!

  • Behind The Steam at STEAMCON!!!  That’s right, we are doing a remote broadcast of the podcast at Steamcon featuring a panel of very awesome steampunk musicians!!  If you are hanging at the con, come be on our podcast.  Look for the “Steampunk Music” panel in the Steamcon Program guide on Saturday, Oct. 27th at 1pm.  There will also be a VERY SPECIAL SECRET SURPRISE GUEST at the panel that we will announce on the blog next week!
  • We chat a bit about Steamstock as a future event as this is a podcast from the past….Just pretend you took your TARDIS out for the day…you know you’ve been meaning to.  🙂
  • We know a new podcast has been a long time coming and we apologize for the delay.  Alyssa had to run Stage 2 of Steamstock (which rocked!!) and has been writing her dissertation (gulp) and Kristin has been wrangling the Steampunk Horde!!  We promise to be a bit more on the ball in the future.
  • Alyssa decided to leave the pre-intro on this week’s podcast to celebrate Kristin’s work as an author and also because Carey was downright funny.  It sounds a little weird, but hey, who doesn’t love a little behind the scene fun?


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1 Response to Keep Your Ice Cream Away From This Man

  1. nancy says:

    just love all in good co and carey is the best,,, not only fantastic musician but really nice person

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