Join Us This Sunday With Jody Ellen!!

We’re inviting Behind the Steam’s followers, Jody Ellen’s fans, and steampunk and music lovers in general to what is sure to be a fun, crazy, and memorable album release party via IRC chat and Google Hangouts On Air. The beautiful and talented female vocalist of Abney Park is releasing her first solo album, Skyscrapers and Helicopters, this weekend!

On September 23rd at 12:00pm PST, drop in at #jodyellen for the start of the live chat! We’re also hosting a live interview at 12:15pm PST with Jody (and a few surprise guests) on Youtube via Google Hangouts On Air at the same time. The album will officially drop at 1pm PST.  We’ll be taking some questions for Jody from the chat for the live interview and previewing some of the new album!!!  Watch for the link on Facebook and in the chat, and BtS’s Twitter @BehindTheSteam.

What better way to “gear up” (pun intended) for SteamStock than to celebrate the solo album release of one of steampunk’s most beloved performers – who will also be there next month with Abney Park!

We’re sooo excited for this release party and BtS’s first live Youtube broadcast! While you’re counting down the final days, go and like Jody on her Facebook page, and follow her on Twitter, if you’re not already. And again, thanks for stopping by Behind the Steam!

~ Alyssa and Kristin


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