Album Review: Hey Hey Cabaret by Frenchy and the Punk

If you’re into steampunk, especially steampunk music, you might have heard of a little upcoming shindig in the Bay Area called SteamStock (because we just can’t wait for this event, and we can’t shut up about it!). Frenchy and the Punk is a wonderfully eclectic two-member band made up of Samantha Stephenson (Frenchy) and Scott Helland (the Punk), and they’re one of the headlining bands! We reviewed their new album, Hey Hey Cabaret, and both of us are beyond excited to hear them perform live.

What immediately stood out for us about Hey Hey Cabaret was the frantic energy of nearly the entire album; Alyssa says listening to the entire thing in one sitting left her feeling cheerful yet exhausted (which is not a bad thing). Kristin simply describes their new songs as “fun for steampunk dances or our own kitchen dance parties.”

True to their name, Frenchy and the Punk play heavily on the punkier end of their fun music style, while throwing in a lot of cabaret, vaudeville, and even a gorgeous slower number with solely French lyrics.

One thing is for sure: With their live show coming up at SteamStock, this duo will have the crowd jumping – especially if they choose to perform the album’s title song (and we hope they do). We simply Can. Not. Wait.

Listen to the podcast for our full review, and we do hope to see you all at SteamStock next month!



Head on over and check out Frenchy and the Punk’s official website, or…

…find them on Facebook or Twitter!

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~ Alyssa and Kristin

Post Show Notes and Upcoming Events (and there are a lot this time!!!)

  • Behind The Steam will be at SteamStock 2012!  Buy tix and come out and say hi to us!
  • LIVE interview with Jody Ellen on September 23rd on YouTube!  Behind the Steam will be trying out Google Hangouts Live, so you can see all of us in person and in real time!  Time TBA (but probably around 1pm CA time)  You can also be part of this live event by picking up Jody’s album support reward of being a GUEST HOST on Behind the Steam during her interview, now LIVE on YOUTUBE!!!  Seriously!!!
  • Behind the Steam is coming to Steamcon!!  (maybe 🙂 )  We are still working out scheduling details but things are looking good!  If you want to be part of a live recorded podcast, go tell Steamcon that you want the Behind the Steam panel!
  • Want to celebrate Alyssa and Unwoman’s birthdays and hear an awesome Unwoman show?  Unwoman is having a vinyl release party on Sept. 19th that is doubling as her and Alyssa’s birthday party!!!  Details are on Facebook here!  Come join us, listen to Unwoman rock the house and dance with Alyssa!!!
  • Good sounds!!  Achievement unlocked!  Yay!!!
  • Anyone interested in us making Behind the Steam T-Shirts?  Let us know in the comments!  🙂

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2 Responses to Album Review: Hey Hey Cabaret by Frenchy and the Punk

  1. TheHerzog says:

    What an interesting piece of music. Just listen to “Hey, hey, cabaret”. I like that they mix languages while they are singing. Thank you for making me know them 🙂

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