The Consequences of Many Minds

We’re so excited to release our very first multi-member interview with none other than one of steampunk’s most well-known bands – the Bay Area’s contribution to the world of steam-powered sci-fi and music: Vernian Process!

One dark and stormy night not too long ago (actually it wasn’t stormy that night at all, but listening to Vernian Process evokes feelings of dark atmosphere reminiscent of a wild train ride through cutting rain and lightning, so just imagine with us, friends), we sat down with Josh Pfeiffer, Martin Irigoyen, and Janus Zarate for a lively talk on everything from their roots, their music and writing processes, to their favorite video games.

One of the best parts of talking with more than one member of a band is the varied discussion that follows (and we hope to be able to feature more of these types of interviews soon).  We got to kick back and listen as the guys carried the interview – and if one thing soon became obvious, it was that Vernian Process knows their music…and their steampunk! We were honored to be right in the middle of the fun.



For artist and tour information, albums, and merchandise, visit Vernian Process’s official website (it’s gorgeous!) and their Facebook page

Follow them on Twitter at @VernianProcess.



And, for a bit of extra fun, the following is one of Kristin’s personal favorites – the Steampunk Horde can’t get enough of this video! Wonder why. 😉



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~ Alyssa and Kristin

Post Show Notes!!

  • Vernian Process is playing at STEAMSTOCK!!!  Alongside Abney Park, Thomas Dolby, Frenchy and the Punk, Good Co, Blue Rabbit, and more!!!  And…BEHIND THE STEAM will be there!!!  Yay!  Go buy tickets and come say hi if you see us there!!!
  • We got pretty goofy towards the end of the interview…with Robo-Martin popping in!
  • Oh audio, someday you will come out perfect…but still, new mics and better software!  We are going to keep working out our kinks and making more awesome podcastery for all you fine listeners!
  • Would you like to be a guest host on Behind The Steam?  Behind the Steam and Jody Ellen are offering a guest hosting spot for our interview with her in September as part of Jody’s fundraiser for her brand new solo album “Skyscrapers and Helicopters”!!  😀


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