Album Review: Ancient World by Abney Park

As one of the steampunk scene’s most popular bands, doubtless nearly every airship pirate, Victorian scientist, and time-hopping explorer in existence has heard about Abney Park’s most recent album, released just last month: Ancient World.

True to the album’s title, Ancient World takes us on a tour back in time to ethnic old world-inspired music, a sampling of electro-swing and ragtime, some big band-style horns by guest musician Carey Rayburn of Good Company (look for his upcoming new album!) and a bit of carnival-inspired fun.

Captain Robert’s vocals and eclectic beats don’t disappoint, while new band members Josh Goering (guitar, banjo) and Titus Munteanu (violin)  each prove their worth. Dan Cederman contributes killer bass lines, Jody Ellen belts out spellbinding backup vocals, and Kristina Erickson gets downright epic on the piano.

The music video for “The Story That Never Starts,” just a teaser of what to expect if you don’t have your hands on the album yet:

Since Abney Park is one of our favorite bands, both of us had quite a bit to say about Ancient World! Check out our podcast review:

Keep up with Abney Park’s frenetic touring schedule, pick up a bunch of merch and music, and explore their awesome Official Website.

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~ Alyssa and Kristin

Post Show Notes!

  • Abney Park will be playing SteamStock in Richmond, CA on Oct. 7th, 2012  You can buy tickets at
  • Please forgive our audio quality.  Kristin and I have gotten new mics and software so look for much better sound quality in the next artist interview podcast in approximately 2 weeks!
  • Correction:  I (Alyssa) confused Ragtime and Swing when discussing Ragtime Punk.  Whoops!!  My apologies and next time I’ll try to sleep more before doing a podcast.  🙂
  • Holy smokes!  We have a Facebook page!  (Thanks Kristin!)  You can go like us there and get updates on all our Steampunky goings on.


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3 Responses to Album Review: Ancient World by Abney Park

  1. Joy says:

    Yaay! More Abney Park 😀 Fun review, you 2 make a good team, and make me giggle. Doesn’t seem that easy to get hold of Abney Park CDs here in the UK, might just have to give in & get MP3 downloads *sigh*

    • Thanks so much for listening! Never fear on the albums though, Abney Park will be heading to the UK very soon (August) to play a couple of shows, one of which is with Sunday Driver and Professor Elemental! They’ll have merch with them including CDs I’m sure! Good luck and stay tuned…you just might hear some UK steampunk on the next podcast. 🙂

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