Epic…and So Cool

So what happens when a trio of robots that were built in the late 1800s to do battle against evil giant copper elephants suddenly find themselves without a war to fight? They form a band instead – and not just any band, but a show mixed out of equal parts harmonizing, pantomiming, and just plain madcap robotic fun.

That’s right, Bunny Bennett (aka Rabbit) was kind enough to be subjected to a BtS interview recently. Fans will recognize him as one of the singing robots from Steam Powered Giraffe – a band that’s been growing in popularity in steampunk circles, for very good reason!

Our favorite robots (Rabbit, The Spine, and The Jon) have a musical style that ranges from circus cabaret to swing to zydeco to Beatles-inspired futuristic, and almost everywhere in between – and they put on fabulous live shows that highlight their amazing robot mime skills. (Or are they really robots?) If you can’t get to the San Diego Zoo this summer, where they’re putting on daily shows, keep an eye out for upcoming steampunk conventions and other venues where the robots might be stopping by in months to come. We’ve heard their act is not one to miss!

Steam Powered Giraffe have a new album out, The 2¢ Show, as well as a hilarious behind-the-music style DVD that showcases two of the things the boys do best: Make great music, while being completely off-the-wall bonkers. In our interview, Bunny talks about Steam Powered Giraffe’s latest projects, their music, the robots and makeup, and quite a few other fun tidbits. (And Alyssa pretty much carried the interview, as Kristin – a huge SPG fan – was suffering from fangirl brain overload!)

Full interview with Bunny Bennett aka Rabbit!!

For band and tour information, albums, and merchandise, visit Steam Powered Giraffe’s official website.

Follow Steam Powered Giraffe on Twitter at @SPGiraffe.

Their Facebook page

Rabbit’s also a talented artist! Check out his artwork on his deviantART page.

Thanks again for stopping by Behind the Steam! Be sure to follow us on Twitter at @BehindTheSteam to be informed of upcoming interviews by more of your favorite steampunk artists, as well as music reviews and other surprises!

~ Alyssa and Kristin

Show Notes!!

  • Please forgive a few of our audio hiccups, BtS is in the process of getting better recording equipment! (Anybody have good mics they want to donate?)
  • Introducing questions from the Steampunk Horde!!! (Kristin’s 6 kids!)
  • Bunny Bennett has a very sexy voice so make sure you listen to the podcast!
  • This was cut out of the podcast due to audio issues, but Anya (age 6) of the Steampunk Horde let The Spine of SPG know that she has claimed him as her future husband, so the rest of you just back off! 😉


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13 Responses to Epic…and So Cool

  1. Anonymous says:

    Enjoyed your post, Kristin…and this song is great!

  2. Thank you for the post, but I wnat to ask if there is any hope to get a script of the interview. The sound is not clear enough and it’s quite a challenge for non-native English speaker to understand all the things =C Fans beyond the ocean are eager! :3

    • I can certainly work on that, Asya! I know the audio has been a challenge since my mic broke just about the time we launched this blog, and I’m trying to find one that will work best with my laptop and the recording program Alyssa is using. I have a few writing projects right now, so it might take me a little time to transcribe this interview, but it’s a good idea. We’ll be sure to let our followers know when it’s available, and thanks for suggesting it!


  3. South African Nutter says:

    this is amazing 😀 I’m a huge SPG fan, and i love the interview and your blog is great!

  4. jaws says:

    It’s not really a good interview with concise questions , she just giggles a lot.Well done Rabbit for making it interesting 🙂

    • I’m sorry you didn’t enjoy our interview. We do a relaxed conversational format for the purpose of drawing out thoughts, jokes, and questions that might not have come up otherwise. We find that this is more fun for both us and our interviewee. Otherwise we may as well have emailed the questions to Rabbit and posted his replies. And what can I say, Rabbit is a funny guy! 🙂

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  7. spgfan says:

    It’s she. Bunny the robot is a he, but the person is a she. She identifies as a woman

    • Some Washington Guy says:

      But even on their website it says “he” or “his”. I have been trying to figure this out, but I cannot get a concise answer…

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