“No easy answers and conflicting emotions…” – Unwoman

photo by Stan Miedziak

We’re so excited to talk about our podcast guest today, the enchantingly beautiful Unwoman (Erica Mulkey) that we can hardly contain ourselves! Not only is Erica an amazingly talented cellist and singer, she’s perhaps one of steampunk music’s sweetest female musicians.

Unwoman making friends with the youngest member of the Steampunk Horde!

Erica is quickly becoming a voice to be heard in the steampunk community, having performed with Rasputina, Vernian Process, Abney Park,and others. We’re excited to announce that she’s the musical Guest of Honor and the star of Windup Cabaret (May 25th) at the upcoming Clockwork Alchemy in San Jose over Memorial Day weekend!

In today’s podcast, we talk with Erica about her music, the origin of her stage name, her musical influences and roots, steampunk fashion (as if we wouldn’t!), and lots of other fun stuff that you’ll just have to listen to to find out.

As the date for Clockwork Alchemy ticks ever closer, make sure to follow Erica on Twitter at @unwoman for updates, and check out the links below:

Unwoman’s official website and Bandcamp

Her Facebook page

And make sure to follow us on Twitter at @BehindTheSteam for all the latest podcasts and news!!

~ Alyssa and Kristin

Related news and post show notes!!! Behind the Steam will also be in attendance at Clockwork Alchemy, with Alyssa DJing as djTeslaRose and moderating the music panel “Steampunk Music: Undefined” in the Santa Clara room at the Clockwork Alchemy con site . (Kristin recently suffered an emergency with a naughty hot water tank that decided to bust a leak at the worst possible time, so for now her attendance is still up in the air. Keep your fingers crossed, as she’s had her heart set on going to the con!)

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3 Responses to “No easy answers and conflicting emotions…” – Unwoman

  1. John says:

    Still don’t see podcast links- just a white space where it looks like you placed the link. ( on iPhone 4s)

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