Hello and welcome to Behind The Steam!!! We’re live!!!

Once upon a time, there were two women at different walks of life, who shared a passion for music and all things steampunk. They met at a concert in San Francisco, and a friendship was forged. Discovering they had different talents that complimented each other, they came up with an idea to create a place online to share the insights and dreams of their favorite steampunk musicians.

So, they made a thing!

Alyssa is an outgoing DJ, poet, and graduate student constantly looking for new music to share with the dance floors and to keep her rocking about the lab.  You can find her on twitter as @djTeslaRose and check out her literary musings at her blog Uncertain Poet.

Kristin is a shy author of young adult fantasy and steampunk fiction, with a slew of kids who are more extroverted than she is and have a tendency to pull her out of her comfort zone when she least expects it.  Kristin is on twitter at @KristinPriz You can check out her hilarious blog posts and find out more about her upcoming books at Fairies & Pirates, etc.

Together, we bring you Behind the Steam, a steampunk blog in which we’ll share music, experiences, events, and podcast interviews from your favorite artists of this fun and fantastic genre. We’re so excited to see where this endeavor will take us! We already have a few interviews recorded, and we can’t wait to unleash them upon the unsuspecting masses!

The gritty details:  We wanted to find a way to keep in touch with our readers/listeners so we can let you know when we have new interviews, album reviews, tracks, etc. posted and we figured Twitter was an easy way to go.  So, we’re going to make all written articles and reviews available on the blog for the world to see. However, for those who follow us on twitter at @BehindTheSteam we’ll be linking the full audio of all the artist interviews as an extra thank you for helping us grow!

Recently we sat down and interviewed each other, and hopefully by the end y’all will feel like you know us a little bit. Please forgive our audio bugs and sound quality. We are still figuring out the audio editing and are on the hunt for new mikes! As with all works in progress, this is a learning experience for us as well as a fun and exciting project, and we think every article and podcast will be an improvement upon the last.

We do need to start this blog with some extra special thank yous to those who have been helping us make this idea a reality.  Todd Ferreira designed the Behind the Steam logo and headers and Nathaniel Johnstone wrote our opening music.  Several of the photos are from the lens of Thad Gann.  And thank you to all the artists who have agreed to be interviewed so far.  We could never have gotten this off the ground without such wonderful support! Thank you for stopping by Behind the Steam.  Please leave a comment here or on our Twitter wall!!!  We hope this will be your first visit of many!

– Alyssa and Kristin

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2 Responses to Hello and welcome to Behind The Steam!!! We’re live!!!

  1. Just listened to the inaugural podcast–WONDERFUL job, both of you! The audio wasn’t THAT bad, and I’m sure it’ll get better as time goes on. Can’t wait for the Nathan interview!

  2. Thanks so much for the support and encouragement, Ryan! It feels awesome knowing that people are listening and appreciating the results of our hard work, and we hope you love every one of our podcasts!

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